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Recreational Dance

Anyone between the ages of 3 and adult can participate in a recreational dance class. No try-out is required! These classes exist to highlight the basic fundamentals of dance and give students the chance to learn and perform in front of an audience. This program is offered in 6 week sessions throughout the year to increase interest and enhance creativity. A performance opportunity is available at our recital in June. Though it is not mandatory, students are encouraged to participate in the recital.


Pre K Dance

This class is designed for children 3-4 years old. Children will learn the basic skills in ballet, jazz and creative movement. This class is packed full of fun and energetic activities which will use their imaginations as they are actively involved in movement. Self-expression and creativity are promoted by dancing with props to a variety of music.



This dance style is similar to what is seen in music videos and stage concerts. Hip-Hop classes have open registration meaning that you can start at any point in the year and do not have to take any other class in conjunction with the hip-hop class. Learn popping, locking, and isolations to the latest in hip hop music.



Ballet is a discipline and the basis of all other forms of dance. It incorporates alignment, flexibility, and center exercises. A formal ballet class includes a barre warm-up, stretches, center practice, and across the floor combination. Ballet is essential for every dancer’s development. These ballet classes are the critical foundation of all various forms of dance including jazz, lyrical, tap and others. Ballet classes are disciplined and focus on proper turnout, foot, arm and body placement and dance terminology.




Jazz is a high energy class that is excellent for anyone who is serious about advancing their skills as a dancer. Our instructors determine which level is appropriate for each dancer. Technique classes include up-beat music, isolations, and learning combinations of different styles of dance. This class will focus on correct body and arm placement on such things as turns, leaps, jumps, etc. These classes also offer strength building exercises and improvement of flexibility. This class is also great for the individual as well as school dance teams.



This class incorporates movement of the feet and ankles to create rhythmic sounds, patterns for developing coordination skills.