Competitive Dance Program

Our competitive program is designed for students who are serious about their dance training and continually put forth great effort to perfect their technique. Because we are implementing new innovations into our routines, enrollment for these classes is offered by audition or invitation only. Upon acceptance into the program, students will participate in a rigorous training and rehearsal program. The competitive team will compete between the months of January and May. This group of dancers will compete in regional and national competitions. The staff and/or professional choreographers will create dances for this group. Students in the competitive program take a pre-determined number of ballet and jazz technique classes each week.

Studio Hours M-F 5:30-9:00PM

2020-2021 Recreation Session Schedule

Fall II September 29th - November 4th (Closed for Fall Break October 19-23)

Fall III Nov. 11th - Dec. 16th (Closed for Holiday Break Dec. 18th-Jan 1st)

Winter I Jan 5th - Feb 10th

Winter II Feb 16th - March 24th

Studio Closed for Spring Break March 26th - April 2nd

Spring 1 April 5th - April 12th


Pricing Information

Registration Fee: Each family is required to pay an annual registration fee of $30.00. A reduced registration fee is available if you register after March.

6 Week Session Class Fees: Class fees are based on the number of hours taken each week. Session class fees begin at $65.00 per six week session for a 30-minute class. Once you establish the number of hours per week, refer to the “Class Pricing Chart" to determine the exact cost.


 Hours Per Week 6 Weeks 5 Weeks 4 Weeks 3 Weeks 2 Weeks 1 Week
30 Minutes $65 $61 $58 $39 $29 $18
45 Minutes $75 $65 $55 $45 $34 $20
1 Hour $85 $73 $62 $51 $39 $22
1.25 Hours $95 $81 $69 $57 $44 $24
1.5 Hours $105 $89 $76 $63 $49 $26
1.75 Hours $115 $97 $83 $69 $54 $28
Hours $125 $105 $90 $75 $59 $30
2.25 Hours $135 $113 $97 $81 $64 $32
2.5 Hours $145 $121 $104 $87 $69 $34
2.75 Hours $155 $129 $111 $93 $74 $36
Hours $165 $137 $118 $99 $79 $38

Note: In the chart above, .25 equals 15 minutes, .50 equals 30 minutes, .75 equals 45 minutes.

Pro ration: Class fees for dancers that start dancing in the middle of a session. The office staff will assist you in determining prorated class fees. Payments cannot be prorated if a dancer misses class for any reason.

Payment & Refund Policies: We accept payment by cash, check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, and debit cards. There is a returned check fee of $35.00 plus any additional bank charges. There are no refunds for missed classes; credits are only issued when the Studio cancels classes and a makeup class is not offered.

Class Withdrawal: Students may withdraw from any or all classes at any time providing WRITTEN NOTICE TO THE OFFICE. Payment for all classes taken is due at time of cancellation. We reserve the right to cancel any class due to insufficient attendance.


Registration Form

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